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To prepare for your excursion, here is a quick checklist of items you will need to bring:
1. Food or some snacks (depending upon trip and duration)
all food or snacks have to be in reusable containersno exception
2. Non-alcoholic beverages
( all drink have to be in reusable containers >{ no exceptions most areas you can be fined if you are not in compliance }

The only thing we leave is the ripples in the water
3. Sun block - Hat - Sunglasses
4. Proper water attire & a change of clothes is always a good thing to have...just in case
5. Water shoes (old sneakers will do just as well)
6. Cameras are OK too
Also, it's always good to dress in layers. That is a great way to maximize your comfort. During the warmer months, you might want to bring an

extra set of clothes with you and a towel to leave in the car. That way you are prepared if you decide to swim while on tour in the water.

Q: Will I see Alligators?
A: When we get asked "Will we see Alligators?" I usually reply with "Do you want to see the Alligators?" The fact  is, they are very afraid of Human  and we don't get to see them every day. They typically feed at night and are pretty lethargic during the day.   That's why when we do see them, they are usually sunning the river bank. We don't invade their space, we appreciate them from afar.  They are like any other wild animal they don't want to see you either. 

Q: Are there bugs?
A: We rarely have bug issues. They don't like the moving waters of the rivers. They do hang out in the stagnant water though. Since we don't spend any time in the stagnant water, they are not issue on the kayak tours. so carry insect repellent you like .

Q: Is it safe for Children?
A: Yes, it is absolutely safe for children. We take kids from ages 5 and up. Younger ones will ride in a tandem kayak with an adult in their party. For those who have paddling experience they are welcome to paddle their own kayak.

Q: Can we bring alcohol?
A: No, we don't allow alcohol on any of our tours .

Q: What time do the tours meet?
A: We always meet in the morning however the time varies depending on the season and our customers needs. We'll communicate with you to determine the meet time and it will also be listed in your email confirmation.

Q: Do the tours go all year long?
A: Yes, with the beautiful weather in Florida we are able to paddle 365 days a year.

Q: Do you give a discount if we bring our own kayak?
A: Yes, we give a  discount bring your own kayak and join us.

Q: What about the weather?
A: We rarely have weather issues. In Florida, if it's going to rain that usually happens in the afternoon Since we always meet in the morning, we tend to avoid any afternoon weather.  so carry rain ponchos with you  just in case though. We always communicate with our customers.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Our cancellation policy: Should you choose to cancel your tour, you must contact us no later than 24 hours prior to the meet time of your tour. Otherwise your account will be charged 100% of the tour price. We must hear from you prior to the day before your meet time to avoid the 100% charge.

Q: Do you have tandem (double) kayaks?
A: Yes, we have tandems & single sit-on-top kayaks

Q: Where do we meet?
A: Once your tour is reserved we'll email you a confirmation with directions to your launch site.